6Degrees develops wearable technology that controls smart devices, enabling people with upper limb deficiency to reclaim their digital life

smart fhone, tablet, computer

Send commands to any Bluetooth-enabled devices using your own personal set of gestures. Switch between your tablet, cellphone, laptop, TV, etc. and take over with a hands-free solution




Created and co-founded by Miri Berger CEO, an industrial designer, Ziv Shilon COO, a serial entrepreneur, and Aryeh Katz CTO, an electrical engineer. 6Degrees is a young and innovative startup. Our company began with the key goal of improving the quality of life of our returning injured soldiers. Using patented technology, we hope to change the quality of life of individuals suffering from upper limb deficiency resulting from stroke, paralysis, amputation, and carpal tunnel syndrome - to name a few.

Aryeh Katz

Aryeh a disabled veteran, holds a BSc in Biology, with emphasis on Marine Life, from Ben Gurion University; and MS in Electrical Engineering from New York University - Polytech.While studying for his MS, Aryeh directed the hardware prototyping lab at N.Y.U. Polytechnic Institute, creating new and innovative devices while working closely with professors and students alike. Prior to entering academic studies, he had worked as a Euro - Dollar trader at G.H.F. Group.

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